Our Events

4 Week Auditioning On Camera Class Level 2

This is the level 2 class that you must have gone through at least 1 block at level 1.
In level 2, you will get less time to prepare and will also work more with cold reads.

4 Week Auditioning On Camera Class Level 3

This is the level 3 class that you must have gone through at least 1 block on level 1 and then you need to go through level 2. You can only be approved to join level 3.

4 Week Auditioning On Camera Class Masterclass

This is the top level camera class and must be approved to join.
In this class, we invite working professionals such as agents, casting directors and directors to sit in.

4 Week Auditioning on Camera Course Level 1

Our on camera audition classes are aimed at actors looking to practice and hone their audition skills.
Once a week for 4 weeks, a small group of actors will be given a script to prepare to be put on tape one by one. The whole class will then review each tape and critique it. Each class will last 4 hours.
This is an invaluable way of practicing audition technique on a weekly basis and seeing yourself back.
The class will be ran by Michael.

Agent Panel

The way it works is we have top agents come in on a panel for you to perform to and ask as many questions as possible in the time you have been given.

You will have a set time block allocated to you where you will go in to perform your monologue or duologue (we have readers on hand) and then you will be constructively critiqued by the panel. It will then be your chance to ask what ever questions you may have. Each agent will fill out an evaluation form for you to take home. This is a great way to meet and learn from agents and get instant feedback.

  • You pick your own time block so no waiting around for hours (first come first served on time blocks)

  • 1 on 1 format so all the attention is on you

  • Pick your own scene

  • Headshots reviewed by top industry professionals

  • Evaluation sheets filled in by all agents for you to take home

  • You and a friend can pay separately but go in together to perform your chosen scene and have the combined time together

Back to Back Workshop

Our Back to Back workshop provide you with a full day of learning. You will work with two industry professionals, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

These workshops may be delivered by casting professionals or directors. Each event will specify.

This provides you with a concentrated focus on developing your skills and is a great way to bond with other actors.

C.V Building Workshop

These workshops are designed to add certain skills to actors C.V's such as accents etc.

Casting Workshop

Our casting workshops are designed for actors to learn from leading industry professionals, with the focus on smashing those auditions.

The workshops we do are in compliance with the CDG guidelines. The guidelines can be downloaded HERE

Director Workshop

Our Director Workshops give you the opportunity to work with leading directors of TV, Film and Theatre, where the focus of the workshop is the delivery of the performance.

These workshops are generally done in the classroom environment but this will be specified more clearly for each event.

Intensive workshop

Our intensive workshops are designed for actors to spend a whole day with a casting director working on specific areas such as audition technique or Shakespeare.

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