That burning question you have about Mixing Networks? You may just find the answer in our frequently asked questions!

If not, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Top Questions

Why does the site look strange or not function correctly?

This site is written with some of the latest Web Technology that may not be fully supported in older web browsers. You should get full functionality and great looks using the latest versions of modern browsers including Google Chrome (recommended).
Ensure your mobile phone apps are kept up to date and also ensure your browser has Javascript enabled.
If you have any queries about this please email us on webmaster@mixingnetworks.com and we will do our best to sort your problem for you.

When I made a purchase why was it delayed in being processed?

We want your purchases and bookings to be as quick, seamless and secure as possible. For this reason we rely on Javascript in your web browser to deal with payments and bookings. If Javascript is disabled in your browser then we need to manually process your payment as we will not have stored the values required to automatically process it.
If you want some help about this please email us on webmaster@mixingnetworks.com and we will do our best to sort your problem for you.

Registration Questions

Why do I have to register with Mixing Networks to book an event?

By registering with the system, not only does it save you having to email us when you have booked an event, but also allows us to keep the site exclusive to professional actors.
Once you are logged into the system, you are able to see all the details about your account with us, including upcoming and past events and payment history.

Why do I need to confirm my email address after registering?

We want to keep our site and your data as secure as possible. For this reason you will not be able to log in to your account until you have confirmed that you have access to the email address you registered with.

Why haven't I received the email to confirm my email address?

Please check your spam filters as sometimes it may have been caught up in that. If you are still unable to find it please email us from your email address and we will deal with it for you.

Does it cost anything to register with Mixing Networks?

Registration with Mixing Networks is free - although obviously the events are not! Additionally, there is the option to become a member for a small fee.

When I register why do you want my stage name rather than my real name?

If we have your stage name it is much easier for any industry professionals who meet you to be able to locate you in the future.

When I register why do you want my email address?

Your email address is vital to communications and is also the basis of your login details with us. It allows us to uniquely identify you in the system, and allows the system to automatically email you details after you have booked an event etc.

Will you pass on my email address to other companies?

We will NEVER share your contact details with a third party without your express permission.

When I register why do you want my phone number?

Giving us your phone number is optional but will be helpful if we need to contact you urgently. We will NEVER give this number to anybody else - not even the industry professional running the event.

When I register why do I need to provide a link to my Spotlight or Mandy Actors account?

Mixing Networks is a service for professional actors that provides events run by top level industry professionals. By proving your membership of Spotlight and/or Mandy Actors, we can maintain this high level of professionalism and ensure those top industry professionals keep coming back!

What if I am not a member of Spotlight or Mandy Actors but have evidence of my professional status?

Please email us with the evidence and Michael will determine if you are eligible to register with us.

Event Questions

What happens at an event?

Our events are varied depending on the type of event and the industry professional running it. A full list of the event types we hold can be found here.

How do I book an event?

You need to be a registered user and logged in to book our events.
Click on the Book button and you will be taken to Paypal to make your payment.

How do I cancel an event?

You need to be a registered user and logged in to cancel an event. Please go to 'My Account' and you will see a list of upcoming events. Click 'cancel' next to the event you wish to cancel.

How do I remove myself from a waiting list?

You need to be a registered user and logged in to remove yourself from a waiting list. Please go to 'My Account' and you will see a list of upcoming events. Click 'cancel' next to the event you want to be removed from.

What happens if I am unable to attend an event I am booked on?

Please cancel the event as soon as you are able (see above - How do I cancel an event?). This allows other actors to book in your place. Each type of event has a different cancellation notice period. You will have been informed of this date on the email you received when you booked the event. You will receive a credit note if you cancel within the notice period. If you cancel after this date but before booking closes, you may still receive a credit note if someone fills your space - so cancel at the earliest opportunity.

What happens if the professional running the event cancels?

It is rare for an event leader to cancel an event - but as you well know, in this industry many things can crop up. In the event that a professional cannot attend an event, if there is enough notice we may replace them with another industry professional or change the date. You will then have the option to continue with the event or to cancel and receive a refund.
It is even rarer for an event to be cancelled at the last minute. If this happens then you will receive a full refund. Unfortunately we cannot reimburse any travel costs.

On a sold out event the button asks me to join the waiting list. What does this mean?

Once an event is sold out, you have the option to join the waiting list. When someone cancels there place on the event, an email is sent to all those on the waiting list informing you that a space has become available. It is then the first actor to complete the booking process who gets that place.

Account Questions

How do I access details of my account?

You need to be logged in to view details of your account. Once logged in you can access these details via 'My Account' (which is under 'Account' on the menu bar), or via the button 'My Account' on the Home page or by clicking here.

How do I pay for the events?

All payments to Mixing Networks are processed through Paypal. However, you do not need a Paypal account to make a payment, Paypal will also process credit card payments. If this is an issue for you, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

I don't seem to be receiving emails from Mixing Networks

Please check your spam filters and add Mixing Networks to your list of trusted recipients.

Are payments to Mixing Networks safe?

All payments, including Credit Card payments are via the Paypal site.
When you request to buy you will be redirected to Paypal and they handle the secure transaction. When the payment is complete Paypal will inform us that you have made a payment.
You should receive an email from Paypal to confirm the transaction was completed, and also an email from us to confirm we have received the payment.
*At no time do we have or hold details of your credit cards.*

How can I cancel my Account with Mixing Networks?

You can remove your account with us by emailing us.

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