Usage Policy

Terms and conditions of Usage

  1. You must be a professional actor to register with us or book any of our events. Professionalism is determined by membership of either Spotlight or Mandy Actors, or as deemed professional by us.

  2. When registering you must provide us with either a link to your Spotlight account or to your Mandy Actors account.

  3. If you are not registered with Spotlight or Mandy Actors but feel that you qualify as a professional actor, then please email us providing your evidence. Michael will then decide whether your registration should go ahead.

  4. The provided Spotlight/Mandy link may be shared with the Industry professionals leading the events you book.

  5. Your email and phone number will not be shared with any third parties (including the Industry professionals) without your express permission.

  6. All actors are expected to make their own travel arrangements to the event and to incur the costs involved.

  7. Please review our Cancellation Policy

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